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The Learning Commons offers some wonderful books and kits for children with diverse learning abilities.  Topics include: ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, Autism, Dyslexia, Gifted, Sensory Processing Disorder, Hi-Lo Readers, Social Skills and more!  We have created this tutorial to help you find and book items.

Check out a few of our titles:

Helping your anxious child: a step-by-step guide for parents

Most children are afraid of the dark. Some fear monsters under the bed. But at least ten percent of children have excessive fears and worries – phobias, separation anxiety, panic attacks, social anxiety, or obsessive-compulsive disorder – that can hold them back and keep them from fully enjoying childhood. If your child suffers from any of these forms of anxiety, the program in this book offers practical, scientifically proven tools that can help. The book offers proven effective skills based in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to aid you in helping your child overcome intense fears and worries. You’ll also find out how to relieve your child’s anxious feelings while parenting with compassion.

Model Me Kids Series

What do gross motor and movement skills have to do with social skills? Studies show that children with Autism who have better motor skills show greater ability in socializing. Parents: Use to structure home-based instruction and reinforce skills presented in the videos.
Social Skills Curriculum Resources for Elementary, Middle, & High School
Each Teaching Manual contains the following:
Lesson plans for each of the DVD chapters
At-Home activity plans to help facilitate generalization beyond the classroom
Student progress charts to track mastery of skills

Superflex book kit 1

Superflex takes on Rock Brain and the Team of Unthinkables

Superflex®: A Superhero Social Thinking Curriculum provides educators, parents and therapists fun and motivating ways to teach students with social and communication difficulties (undiagnosed or diagnosed, such as Asperger’s syndrome, ADHD, high-functioning autism or similar). The three-part cognitive behavioral curriculum helps students develop further awareness of their own thinking and social behaviors and learn strategies to help them develop better self-regulation across a range of behaviors. Teaching materials included on CD for easy printing.

Why does Izzy cover her ears? dealing with sensory overload

Why Does Izzy Cover Her Ears? Dealing with Sensory Overload is the picture book story of Izzy, an intelligent young girl just starting the first grade. Izzy has sensory processing disorder, which makes her over-responsive to environmental stimuli, including sounds, accidental bumps from other kids, and visual distractions. Her reflexive tendencies to cry, lash out, or cover her ears have caused other kids to accuse her of being mean, or deride her as a “crybaby”. But with help from her parents, her teachers, and an occupational therapist, she is learning how to adjust. She feels calmer and ready to learn, and she’s made a lot of friends! The story is told from Izzy’s point of view, but does not talk down to the reader. A highly recommended and educational book for parents and children to share, especially if the child has sensory processing disorder or knows relatives or friends with it.

2e Twice exceptional

Featuring illuminating and thought-provoking interviews with students, parents, teachers, psychologists and therapists, 2e: Twice Exceptional is produced and directed by Thomas Ropelewski. “They vex their parents. They are often considered “at risk” but they may very well grow up to change the world if they are given the chance to demonstrate and develop their abilities.”
“2e: Twice Exceptional is an honest, up-close look at what it’s like to be  or to be the parent or teacher of — a young person who’s both gifted and coming to terms with a learning difference. Essential viewing for anyone interested in understanding where our next generation of game-changing outliers may be coming from.”

Color My Conversation Kit

Teach the language skills needed for face-to-face conversations! The Color My Conversation program (CMC) is an engaging, multi-sensory teaching approach to help guide children through the conversation flow. Children will learn to navigate through a conversation starting at a basic greeting and working toward the most complex conversation that the child is capable of having. The holistic approach fosters development of social awareness, self-regulation, executive function, and meta-cognitive and meta-linguistic skills. This complete program includes a lot of fun, interactive activities that aid children in starting and maintaining a conversation. CMC is a very dynamic program, and the instruction incorporates errorless learning in order to keep stress low and outcomes positive. Activities feature movement, song, rhyme, color coding, signing/gestures, beadwork, artwork, pictures/photographs, line drawings, worksheets, role plays, interactive game activities, and field assignments. Appropriate populations include: high-functioning autism, Asperger syndrome, LLD, language delayed, ADHD, fluency, articulation, children with mild intellectual disabilities, as well as children within the general population.

The Best Kept Secret In Education, Auditory Processing Kit

This Booklet will give you tools to enhance most every area of your child’s life. Auditory processing is a key factor in a child’s neurological development and affects their ability to follow directions, comprehend, stay on task and attend. This 22 page booklet describes testing techniques as well as many activities for improving auditory processing.

Digit Span Decks have 125 unique sequences on individual cards. These cards are recommended to be used for two-minute auditory and two-minute visual brain games. Intense auditory and visual games played twice a day achieve remarkable results in function. Increasing the individual’s short term auditory and visual memory is the goal. Order the Digit Deck that is one level above the individual’s visual processing as determined by the free test kit i.e. the test showed visual digit spans of 6 so you order 7s. All cards in the 7s’ deck will have series of 7 random numbers on them. Instructions are included for both auditory and visual brain games.

The A and B decks are 125 cards each with different sequences of numbers. We offer a second deck for those that are on one level for an extended period of time and need an alternate deck so that the individual does not memorize the number sequences.

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Special Education Index
Special Education Index