Special Education Web Links



Books on the topic of Giftedness developed by Gail Felton and Port Moody Library.

Gifted Links in the Lower mainland:

www.gldnetworkbc.ca  and www.thinktankchallengecenter.com and www.mindstein.ca

Contact Maurice Fisher at gifted@giftededpress.com to be added to the ‘Gifted Education Press Quarterly’ distribution list—an excellent quarterly news letter, that is sent out via email

Other links:



www.nationdeceived.org  A Nation Deceived Research Paper on Giftedness.

Upside Down Brilliance Book download  


Special Ed Scoopit curation groups to follow:

21 Century Apps for Exceptional Students

For more websites go to Special Ed Web Linking library.

Bloggers to follow on the special education topic!



Teachers At Risk: Elona Hartjes shared strategies and insights that support students and teachers.

Funshine: This blog offers special education resources organized by content area, including Common Core, differentiated instruction, behavior management, and more.

Reality 101: Maintained by the Council for Exceptional Children, this blog is populated with posts from new special and gifted educational teachers.

SpeEdChange: This blog, maintained by Ira David Socol, narrows in on educational opportunities for students with special needs and unique learners.

No Limits 2 Learning: Tips and information about assistive technology and how students with special needs can benefit.

The Wrightslaw Way to Special Education Law and Advocacy: A look at the legal side of special education and advocacy.

My Special Needs Network: This blog list offers posts and information from multiple contributors, and touches on a variety of special education topics.

The Autism Helper: Educators visiting this blog will find tips and strategies to help them connect with students who have autism.

Teaching Learners with Multiple Special Needs: Here, special education teachers can find resources and ideas for those who teach students with severe, profound, intensive, significant, complex, or multiple special needs.

Special 2 Me: This educator offers insights and real-world perspective on teaching in a special education classroom.

A Peach for the Teach: This blog comes from an elementary emotion support teacher and focuses on positive behavior supports.

Autism Tank: An elementary school special education teacher shares strategies for working with young students who have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.

PrAACtical AAC: Speech-language pathology professors Robin Parker and Carole Zangari maintain this blog, which focuses on the state of special education and speech-language pathology, AAC strategies and resources, and news.

Empowered by Them: Features strategies and tips from an educator who works in a high school transition program for students ages 18-22.

Considerate Classroom: This blog devotes space to the intersection of early education and special education. Recent posts include math lessons in a special education classroom and at-home special education strategies.

Special Needs Parent Handbook by Cheri Larson. This “handbook” offers resources for parents at every stage of the journey of caring for their special needs children. From learning more about special needs to picking a school, planning a financial future, and getting past the bullying and discrimination that so often plague people with special needs.

Special Ed Google Docs.

Teaching Money on a modified program.  Collaborative SE and LC document with resources.



Scoopit newsletter on Learning Differences and Giftedness.  Curated by Pippa and Jenn.

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