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Check out these supplemental packs that can add fun and interest to your studies!

Young Ladies’ Study Course for Proper Writing Volumes 1 & 2

Grade 6 – 8

Do you know the difference between a metaphor and a simile? Are you able to avoid common mistakes in grammar and composition? Have you ever learned to properly express your emotions and feelings in a way that elevates your listeners and honors God? Learn these and other foundational writing skills in The Young Ladies Study Course for Proper Writing, and use this study guide to increase your comprehension and to document your understanding of the lessons. Learn how to: Write a three-paragraph paper on nearly any subject; compose a poem and understand how to read poetry aloud; accurately report a true story and tell a funny or poignant tale. Enhance your writing skills with this innovative lecture-style course which provides a foundation in basic grammar and elocution. Follow along with the study guide, which provides short answer & multiple-choice questions for each session, as well as suggested assignments, writing exercises, resources for further research and study, and reading lists. Learn how to write a three-paragraph paper on anything, compose a poem speak with grace, properly use nouns, identify faulty grammar and why, and more. For mature 12-year olds and up.  Includes one guide and 15 CDs.

Reading Across Canada Packs

Learn about Canadian communities and people by reading engaging books!  Great for Grades K-3.  Each pack contains 6-8 picture books.  Pack #3 includes:

Metis Community – Alberta, Manitoba
Eenie Meenie Manitoba – across Canada
A Pod of Orcas -B.C.
Hold on McGinty! – Nfld to Vancouver Island
At Grandpas Sugar bush
The Dust Bowl – prairies A Sled Dog for Moshi – Iqaluit, Baffin Island
Tiger’s new Cowboy boots, – Alberta
Music from the Sky – Nova Scotia

Core Competency packs cover specific subjects for

grades K-6.

Social responsibility, grade K-2 Core Competency Pack

Social responsibility involves the ability and disposition to consider the interdependence of people with each other and the natural environment; to contribute positively to one’s family, community, society, and the environment; to resolve problems peacefully; to empathize with others and appreciate their perspectives; and to create and maintain healthy relationships. Supports “Reach out and give” and “Accept and value each person”. Suitability: Grade K, 1, 2 Language Arts, Social Studies, Core Competencies.

4 Books included:
The Can Man
Stepping Stones: A Refugee Family’s Journey
Step forward with responsible decision-making / Shannon Welbourn

Social responsibility, grade 3-5 Core Competency Pack           

4 Books included:
For the right to learn: MalalaYousafzai’s Story
Missing Nimama
The Hundred Dresses
Every Human has Rights

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