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Title: Criticism
Author: Brooke
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Description: Criticism By: Paige Stewart, Grade 8 Criticism stood, prim and slim, Above me. Her picture perfect clothes, her pointed nose, Scared me. Her sharp glasses reflected, light unaffected, At me. “Your clothes are wrong, your voice is long And ugh, where is that from?” She pointed at my shoes, which, like clues, Completed my incompleteness. Looking once again, and seeing a fiend, I reflected: Life is tough, you may never seem to be enough, To impress. But Jesus eyes, your trusting cries, Completes you, So he loves you. * I wrote this poem as a description of an emotion. As you can probably tell, it is about criticism. I think that the last three lines are really the reflective part of it. The way the character thinks, or reflects on the moral of the poem is why I entered it into this contest. I also added the part of the light reflecting off the glasses as an easter egg about the reflection contest.

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