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Title: My Mirror Self
Author: Hannah Allsop
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Description: My Mirror Self by Hannah Allsop, Grade 8 Shimmering as a polished mirror Trembling trees and sunny sky Reflect upon its crystal surface Gazing down upon it I glimpse a reflection of a girl Shivering at my feet Her face marred with waves Her body but a shadow She smiles up at me A stray leaf drifts down To land in her hair Ripples echo To frame her face like a wreath Then a voice from afar Calling me Pulls me away From this mirage in the lake The reluctant wave I offer in parting Is readily shadowed by My sister of the lake And as I turn my back I see her do the same We part ways for now Until I return Or perhaps I shall see her In a mirror or a window But for now I am alone And she no longer exists on the lake Nor will she ever Until I reunite again With my mirror self My inspiration: I saw some really amazing reflection photography on Google and it reminded me of the novelty of seeing my own reflection in lakes and puddles.

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