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Title: Reflections of a Puddle - By Carina Calleja Grade 8
Author: erinmarieduncan
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Description: Reflections of a Puddle By Carina Calleja May 2019 Grade 8 Rain falls into a puddle. Children run up and splash! They destroy the reflection that was there, It reappears as I stare. I can see the trees and houses around me, The people walking about. They look as though they are upside down, But I know that they are not. I look up at the busyness around, Reflect on my own thoughts and youth. The fun times when I was a child, Ruining puddles as I ran wild. When I would sing and dance with no shame, Run around with a balloon. Do cartwheels and summersaults across the wide fields, And listen to stories from my mom in my room. I smile at all the children I see. How their hearts are so full of joy. They remind me so much of me, When I was young and free.

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