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Welcome to a new school year full of literacy excitement! 🙂

Here are our Inquiry led book clubs this year 2017/18 with more to come soon!


Wednesdays,  Jan 10, 17, 2018

10:30 to 11:30 am PST (Grade twos only), OR 1:00 to 2:00 pm PST

Teacher-Librarian: Pippa Davies

Pebble Go or Tynker subscription is required for the research/making project, and Zoom is required for weekly group sharing.


Pippa will read design thinking books related to the new BC curriculum and science standards.  Students will engage in wondering questions, Biblical worldview and follow up activities with time for group sharing on Zoom.

All books are on Overdrive e library for follow up.  Homework is weekly with student presenting every other week, and formative assessment included.

A research/making project using our beautiful subscription, Pebble Go or Tynker, will also be part of the learning.

Books may include: Rosie Revere and Iggy Peck Architect; Harriet and the Rollercoaster; Gut Wrenching Gravity, The Three Little Pigs; A Drop Around the World; Flo and Eddy’s Water Adventure; Noah’s Ark Brick Bible; A Promise is a Promise for Force and Water (grade 2 content), 

AND Magic Treehouse: Rain ForestsOcean Soup Tide Pool PoemsTurtle Turtle Watch OutThe First Beaver or The Salmon TwinsThe Three Snow BearsNatures Patchwork Quilt Understanding Habitats, Parrots over Puerto Rico, In Mary’s Garden,   A Fruit is a Suitcase for Seeds,  and The Boy who Drew Birds  for Ecosystems and Bio-Diversity with Indigenous Peoples of Canada perspective Salmon Forest and this lesson plan (Grade 3 content)

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Oct 5, 2017 – April 12, 2018 – Thursdays

9:00 to 10:00am (or) 10:15 to 11:15am

Teacher: April McLeod

Limit: 12 students

Books for 2017/18

  1. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl.
  2. Tales of Despeareaux by Kate diCamillo
  3. The Wind, the Road, and the Way by Jeanne Cote
  4. Cat Boy by Eric Walters

All books are available in Overdrive or L4U libraries


Are you ready for an amazing year of reading?

Virtual Book Clubs are changing this year into more of a Literature Circle Model, which is exciting as I will be able to connect more with students on a book for more than just one hour.

We will be meeting on a bi-weekly basis for 4 times on each book. Each meeting will consist of lots of discussion including inquiry-guided questions and also each student will have their own job assignment to share.  It will be essential for students to attend each session (as much as is possible) as their job will be super important to the group.

We will also continue with the blogging on Kidblog. Our book list will include 4 great novels over the year. We read 8 last year and met for 8 times and this year we will read 4 novels and meet 16 times.

More meaningful discussions, great critical thinking, and building a stronger community of students who love to read! Sounds like a wonderful year to me! Please join in.

There is a limit of 12 students and if there are more, I will consider creating another time spot. See you soon!

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GR 8/9 STEAM Book Club: Enigma and Coding

Oct 3, 2017 – December 5 – Tuesdays (10 weeks)

1:00 to 2:30 pm PST

Teacher: Shannon Beglaw

Limit: 16 Students

Note:  Students will need appropriate devices for participation in Zoom meetings, and internet connectivity.

Enigma (Camp X, #6) by Eric Walters
(available in Overdrive or L4U libraries)
Do you want to learn how to send secret messages? Join us and explore Eric Walters’ book set in World War II!  We will enter into the world of coding, read and discuss the book using a literature circle format, and use STEAM inquiry to pursue coding skills.  We will use blogging, Viking Runes, ciphers, and Mayan pictographs as an introduction to coding.  Then, we will move into wartime messaging and code projects.


Mondays, Oct 2 – Dec 4, 2017

Time: 10:00am- 11:00am PST

French Teacher – Catherine Lisimaque

Limit: 15 students

Note:  a minimum 1 year of previous French experience required

Students will practice conversational, reciprocal French and review basic vocabulary through engaging picture books. Every other week students will have an opportunity to present and share projects they have created based on the themes and books we have been reading together.
These times of sharing will cover many of the Big Ideas for Core French including: listening and viewing with intent for comprehension, describing important people in our lives, describing interests with simple French and stories communicate ideas in a meaningful way. Core competencies of Communication and Thinking skills will be nurtured as students connect and communicate with each other.
Students will question and investigate, reflecting on their own interests and also the importance of caring for the planet. Themes include: Les célébrations, Les sports, La nourriture (food), L’environnement, et Apprendre c’est cool (growth mindset).   *Books will be available in Overdrive



January 10 – March 14 (unless adjusted for Spring Break)

Wednesdays at 11:00 -12 PAC time.

Teacher: Sinead Roy


  1. The Bronze Bow by Elizabeth George Spear
  2. Hittite Warrior by Johanne Williamson
  3. The Golden Goblet by Eloise Jarvis McGraw


This historical fiction book club uses narratives that unfold in settings that realistically portray what life would have been like for young people thousands of year ago. The literature also matches the grade 7 social studies program and also covers many of the requirements of language arts.   Students will spend 3-4 weeks on each book and discussions will be in the form of literature circles with specific roles such as discussion director, vocabulary enricher, literary luminary and homework checker assigned to each student. Roles will alternate on a weekly basis.

Registration form sign up   Contact Sinead Roy for more information

SE Book Club Gr 7-8

October 4th – December 6th

Wednesdays at 11:00 am

Teacher:  Sinead Roy


  1. Almost To Freedom
  2. Camp X
  3. Skylark


This online book club is for our young historical fiction lovers in our special education program. The literature chosen will cover competencies of both social studies and language arts. The literature is specially chosen for high interest for teens, but at a lower reading level (grade 4 – early 5).

Students will spend 2 weeks on each book and discussions will be in the form of literature circles with specific roles such as discussion director, vocabulary enricher, literary luminary and homework checker assigned to each student. Roles will alternate on a weekly basis. 

Classes will take place in Zoom and an information session will be held on December 6th. All session will be recorded and made available to participants. A list of formative assessments will be provided ahead of time and reports will be provided at the end of March. A limited number of copies of these books are available on Overdrive or in the L4U Library. Books can also be purchase on Amazon or through your local bookstore.

CVent registration here.  Contact Sinead Roy for more information by email





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