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Let NoveList find the perfect book for you! Type in your favourite author, keyword, or book title, and the NoveList database will search its rich collection of titles, BookTalks, Recommended Reads and more. NoveList will even search by genre, popularity ratings, and readability level (Lexile* scores).

Have you just finished a good book, and wanted to read more of the same genre? NoveList will recommend similar books to read. If you are looking for discussion questions, let BookTalks generate insightful questions for you.  This is the perfect way to get your novel study or book club discussion started.  The books are grouped by age:  0 to 8, 9 to 12, and teen.

This blog has a glowing report of one user’s experience with NoveList Plus.  “The Best Book Database You’ve Never Heard Of

Click on the “Go to NoveList Plus” button at the top of the page or go to NoveList Plus.  Go to the “Student Resources” tab in this page to learn how to search in NoveList Plus.

You can save book information in your folder (top right-hand side of the page) by creating a free account.

To log in to NoveList Plus, go to this EBSCOhost link:  NoveList Plus and choose NoveList K-8 Plus from the list that opens.

There is a navigation on the left side of the page, for example in the 9-12 age range:

You can choose books by type:

You can choose by humour:

You can choose by Genres:

You can choose by Featured Read-alikes:

You can choose by Featured Award Winner:

If you’d like information on creating your own searches like the ones under the “Canadian Books” tab, check out our guides to searching by field codes. All of NoveList’s metadata, from appeal to time period to awards, is easily searched by field codes. Or, head to the advanced search page and let them guide you through your searching. If you’re not sure what to search by, our appeal and genre books will help you sort through all the information you need to help the readers, teachers, and students in your community.  Go to the “Tutorials on Using NoveList” tab on this page to find many more ways to search in NoveList.

Want to learn more about searching NoveList for diverse books? Sign up for our Diverse Reading newsletter from the NoveList BookSquad.

NoveList can help you find reliable content spotlighting the best in diverse books by Canadian authors and/or published by Canadian presses.

For example, Kay Weisman offers a roundup of recent Canadian picture books about refugee kids and their families that inspired their print-and-post flyer. Just search UI 445426 in NoveList to find it.

For more suggestions, try a couple Recommended Reads lists:  Canada: Diverse Picture Books (UI 445439) and Canada: First Nations (9-12) UI 435529.

Looking for graded lists particularly appropriate for school use? Try Anne Woodrow’s Grab and Go lists featuring books starring First Nations characters for Grades K-3 (UI 425659), Grades 4-6 (425661), and Grades 7-8 (UI 431482).

NoveList also includes a wealth of searchable terms to help you create your own booklists and displays. You might want to try the following searches to find books by authors of Canadian fiction who share a particular ethnicity:

  • GX “Canadian fiction” AND AC “First Nations”
  • GX “Canadian fiction” AND AC “Black Canadian”
  • GX “Canadian fiction” AND AC “Asian-Canadian”

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