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A Matific episode is a game-oriented group of tasks designed to convey a specific mathematical concept, skill, or insight. Each episode engages children from 5 to 15 minutes.  It feels like playing games to the students, but allows them to master core math concepts.

One big “plus” is that Matific has established a Canadian site; another “plus” is the content is correlated to our BC curriculum, including assessment available to teachers.  This site comes highly recommended to us by HCOS teachers.

Be sure you are logging in at the Canadian site Matific Canada and choose “I am from Canada” as you sign in.

Parents, if you would like to try some sample activities, go to this the Matific home page and scroll down the page to ‘try some activities’, at which you can choose a grade level.  Note the description  of the game is below the screen with the activity.  Alternatively, you can scroll down further to choose “Explore Full Program”, which allows you to preview all their content.

Parents who wish to set up a roster for their own students, including being able to assign work and see student progress, should email Beth Johnson

Instructions for using the site can be found at the Educator Resources link.

On the teachers’ homepage, the first thing they will see is the Leaderboard for their own classes; this allows them to set up competition between their students.

Teachers can create classes, choose BC curriculum and then select textbooks to follow, if they so choose.

They can choose a different language for a student who is not a native English speaker.

If you are interested in learning how to use the site, we had a Matific webinar from June 2018:   This has very helpful information for teachers or parents.

Matific Training for HCOS – June 8, 2018 from Heritage Christian Schools on Vimeo.

For Matific curriculum correlations, go to Subscriptions Curriculum Correlations.

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