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Science Power is an engaging and visually rich supplemental science learning site for elementary-age children in the grades K-7 range. The site is correlated to popular science textbooks, as well as the new BC curriculum standards, and includes differentiated content to help struggling readers master the material.

With interactive multimedia, teacher guides, and a test for each lesson, Science Power is well suited for use in the classroom, the school library, and the public library. Teachers and school librarians can apply Science Power to whole-class, small-group, and individual activities as well as to differentiated instruction or intervention use. Public librarians can include Science Power in their children’s programming and homework-support services. Homeschoolers can access the site, including the teacher guides, for use with their students.  Science Power is fully accessible by remote access.

Log in to the World Book site through (1) the curriculum resources link in your parent home page in Encom OR (2) the Subscriptions Link in the Learning Commons Search Portal.  Then choose “Science Power” from the World Book home page.  You can move from one World Book product to another (without logging in again) by going to the bottom left-hand side of the page where you’ll find the menu, “World Book Products” from which you can choose.

The Science Power Home Page has many great links for accessing the whole site.  Just click on the various links to find what is available, or go to the “Support” link at the bottom of the page to find tutorials on how to use the site.

1.  Saving Student Research

Students can click on the “My Research” link at the top right-hand corner to save their work.

If students have not yet set up a “My Research” account in World Book, they can do so by setting up an account in the Science Power “Student Centre”.  First, choose the “Student Center” link:

then create an account.

Note:  If you already have a “My Research” account in World Book, you will use the same login for Science Power Student Centre.

2.  Student Study Guides

To the right of your Student Centre login, there is the option for students to access Study Guides for each unit, and for all the lessons in the unit.  These may be downloaded as Word documents and are excellent resources for students.

Here is the link to the Science Power Training Site.  For other resources, please go to the Educators’ Resources tab; these are all available to parents, as well.

Great teacher suggestions for use of Science Power, from BC ERAC (5-1/2 minutes long):

The “Educator Tools” link at the bottom of the page gives you various options, including Teacher Guides for the various lessons in the units in Science Power.  Note that you can assign lessons and do assessments of your students’ work.  There is a lengthy list of graphic organizers available, as well.

To find the curriculum correlations for World Book Science Power, please go to Subscriptions Curriculum Correlations and scroll down the page to “Science Power (World Book)”.

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