The platform gives teachers and grade 8-12 students streaming access to the best in educational content from CBC and Radio-Canada. (There is material for the lower grades, as well.) You will find documentaries from television and radio, news reports, archival material, stock shots and kids shows.  Curriculum resources are available for all grades, including French and English language content, but most are geared to high school level.  There is also closed captioning for hearing impaired.  National Geographic films are also available, including awesome documentaries on many topics.  Educational content is correlated to the new British Columbia curriculum.

NOTE:  Please be aware that, although the CBC-appropriate age range is highlighted for each program, parents need to view the programs to see if they will consider them appropriate for their own students.  You may agree with our staff that a number of the programs should have an older rating.  (For example, Canada 150: Contemporary Indigenous Voices show this collection of programs to be for ages 9-12.  However, only 5 of the 52 titles included in the collection were actually listed as being for ages 9-12.  The remainder were for older audiences.)

To find out more about signing up check out these tutorials.  Please log in at  You will use the code given in the subscriptions page of the Learning Commons Search Portal to set up your own account.  After that, you should use the same Login button to enter your email and password when you want to log in.

The search bar at the top allows you to search keywords.  “Categories” will take you to various programs available in the site.  “Resources” allows you to find the BC curriculum resources.

Be sure to choose “Search Related Content”, because this will bring up many more resources that are available under the topic at which you’ve arrived. For example, in the screen below, “search related content” will open up the programs available.  Using the navigation on the left side allows you to filter for subject and then for age, etc.

News in Review

Each story in every edition of News in Review is supported by a Teacher Guide for Grade 8+. Last season introduced a monthly story and guide suitable for Grades 4-7. This season the staff have added a new feature to our guides called TALK PROMPTS that provide opportunities for small group or class discussions.

To find the correlations for material, please go to Subscriptions Correlations

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