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The Discovery Education Streaming Plus online video library contains more than 5,000 full length educational videos, including Canadian content correlated to Provincial standards.   You can search through the library easily to find what you’re looking for.  This is a great supplement to every student’s education.  There are videos covering a huge variety of topics in arts and music, science, language arts, health, and social studies from grades K through 12.  The site includes:

Educational Games: Reinforce essential Language Arts and Mathematics concepts through some of the over 100 games such as Supernova Sentence Puzzles and Leon’s Math Dojo.

Skill Builders: Capture students’ attention and develop their problem solving skills. 100 Skill Builders spanning core subject areas get students engaged through hands-on experience.

Math Overviews: Create pre-lesson or remediation activities with Math Overviews. Math Overviews provide easy-to-understand instructional support for students in grades 3-12.

Math Explanations: Access thousands of assets that provide self-paced tutoring on topics directly tied to Math Overviews.

Audio Files: Listen to important speeches, music, and other educationally relevant audio files to engage students who learn best by sound.

More Video: Provide educators with the vibrant, compelling digital media they need to connect with today’s students and enhance classroom learning.

Hundreds of Canadian topics such as:

  • Canadian geography
  • Canadian history
  • Canadian culture
  • Canadian attractions
  • Famous historical figures
  • Video clips and audio files in French, as well as French language instruction

Log in to Discovery Education Streaming PlusNOTE:  Be sure you are logging into the Canadian site, or your login will not work.

To use the school account:

  1. Go to your parent home page in Encom, choose “Curriculum Resources” from the menu at the top, then scroll down to the section labelled “Require a Shared Login” OR
  2. Go to the Search Portal, login to Subscriptions, then scroll down to the link, username and password for Discovery Education.

This will give you the login for the school’s shared account.  Personal folders and saved videos should not be kept in this public account.

 Choose “Streaming Canada Plus” to access the amazing videos available to HCOS students for free.

Choose “Browse by Topic” to find the various school subjects available to you.  For example, to access Gr. 3-5 Visual and Performing Arts:

Choose “Browse by Standards” to find the British Columbia curriculum correlations.  The words in blue are links, which will take you to a page showing the videos that are related to that curriculum topic.

Parents may request an account in Discovery Education by going to the MachForm:  Discovery Education Parent Account.  This personal account will allow parents to save and organize videos/files specific to their family’s needs, make assignments to their students, etc.

Tutorials for using Discovery Education:

DE Professional Learning Centre or here for You-tube videos Exploring Discovery Education.

Interactive Learning Courses

See the “More Information” tab.

All HCOS teachers should have a Discovery Education teacher account.

Teachers can find STEM Resources in Discovery Education.

Educators can find strategies and resources for using Discovery Education.  (just be aware that we do not have access to the Techbook sites in Discovery Education)

Social Emotional Learning with Discovery Education (Nov 2018)  From this document:  “Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is the process through which students develop an understanding of their emotions and social skills, as well as how these influence their self-image and interpersonal relationships. Discovery Education supports SEL through its dynamic platform, relevant content, robust content collections, and instructional strategies.”

Access over 100 digital integration strategies:  Spotlight on Strategies: Discovery Education Streaming

For information about the DE Interactive Learning courses, please go to the “More Information” tab.

Curriculum Correlations may be found at this link:  Curriculum Correlations page.

Discovery Education Series Offered

★ Interactive Learning Courses available

For parents or teachers:  Interactive learning courses share tips, tricks, and practical integration strategies for using digital resources and maximizing your experience with Discovery Education. Whether you are new to Discovery Education or have been using it for years, the interactive learning courses offer opportunities to maximize Discovery Education with your students.

To access these Interactive Learning Courses, you will need to join the DEN (Discovery Educator Network) Online Community–it’s easy to do, just go to this link to set up your account:  Access the Interactive Learning Courses

The course we would recommend for our teachers and parents is “Top 5 Things to Know about Discovery Education: Streaming” composed of several teaching videos on this page “Discovery Education Interactive Courses”.

For parents who would like to sign up for a Discovery Education parent account (the same as our teacher accounts) please fill in your information at this site in our school computer:  Discovery Education Parent Account.  I will set you up with an account and after that you will have access to these teaching materials in the site.

If you have questions, please email me Beth Johnson.

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