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PebbleGo and PebbleGo Next databases feature expertly-leveled text and navigation specifically designed for your beginning researchers.  The PebbleGo databases are an indispensable tool for teaching research skills to K-3 students (PebbleGo) and Gr. 3-6 students (PebbleGo Next).   With built-in reading and research tools such as leveled texts, consistent navigation, fun educational games, and spoken-word audio that models correct pronunciation and fluency, both your staff and students will find much to love about PebbleGo and PebbleGo Next.

Each PebbleGo Next database (only Science topics at this time) is linked to downloadable questions to encourage critical thinking.  Each has read-aloud audio recorded by professional voice over artists for every article!  Each article is carefully connected to curriculum topics and has games and questions to get students engaged in learning.  There is video content on each learning strand, and the site is designed with the grades 3-6 researcher in mind.

December 2018 – The PebbleGo databases have expanded with 63 new titles in the Social Studies, Biographies and Animals modules.

Log in to PebbleGo or to PebbleGo Next.  Choose a topic:  Animals, Science, Social Studies or Dinosaurs.  Once you get to the article of your choice, notice that there is a menu along the top with various topics you can choose.   Choose the speaker icon to have the article read aloud to your student.  Underneath the screen are the options for “Print” and for “Media”.  “Print” gives the citation information and can print either the content of the screen or the picture on the screen.  It also offers activities the student can do.  “Media” includes videos about the subject and maps or timelines (e.g. range maps, timeline of the person’s life). You will notice that as your cursor points to the titles, they are also read aloud.  Above the article your student will see the “path” along which they came to arrive at the article.  PebbleGo makes it easy to go back.

This PebbleGo Student Tutorial Video is really good for explaining to children how to use the site.  PebbleGo Student Tutorial Video (9 minutes long).

Students will enjoy “Games” and “Question of the Day” (a new one every day) at the bottom of the page.

Please note that “Science” in PebbleGo includes math activities under the headings “Math”, “Measurements” and “Shapes”.

Parents may get help by listening to the Educator Tutorial – 10 minutes.

To help your students with citations in PebbleGo, watch this YouTube video:  PebbleGo citation.

To find the list of articles in PebbleGo, click on the database headings (no login needed) to find a .pdf list:

Here is the articles list for PebbleGo Next  PebbleGo Next Science Articles

Here is a helpful Educator Tutorial for parents or teachers using PebbleGo:  Educator Tutorial – 10 minutes.  Here is a PebbleGo tutorial for Incorporating PebbleGo into Lessons.

Choose one of the topics on the homepage (choose the actual word:  Animals, Science, Social Studies or Dinosaurs) then look at the bottom of the screen that opens up, to find “Community and Teacher Resources”.  Sign up for an educator account with Heritage Christian School, postal code V1X 5Z5, and you will be able to access the various teacher resources available.

Choose “Resources” to access the menu below.  The Lesson Plans & Activities have helpful lessons on the various topics in the site, including printables and inquiry-based activities.

Once you are logged in to the Capstone Community site, you may find FAQs answered at this link:  Capstone FAQs.

Go to Curriculum Correlations for PebbleGo curriculum correlations.

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