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HCOS families have access to the leading online encyclopedia, World Book. This includes the following resources:

  • World Book Early World of Learning
  • World Book Kids
  • World Book Student
  • World Book Advanced
  • World Book Discover
  • World Book Timelines
  • World Book Dramatic Learning
  • World Book Science Power
  • Encyclopedia Estudiantil Hallazgos
  • L’Encyclopédie Découverte

Early World of Learning

Early World of Learning supports early elementary students from pre-K – Gr 3 with “Trek’s Travels,” “Welcome to Reading” and “Know It”. These sites include narrative storiesinteractive games, and a visual interactive encyclopaedia to support early reading, numeracy and knowledge.  Pre-readers will enjoy listening to stories.  Readers can control the pace of the story, as word by word highlighting guides them along the way.  They can also play games and enjoy sorting and matching puzzles.  Print and go activities will also interest your primary aged students.

World Book Kids

World Book Kids is an online encyclopaedia designed for a younger primary elementary audience (Grades K-5) with easy-to-read articles, thousands of illustrations, and engaging activities.  Science projects, experiments, biographical searches, animal comparisons, mapping searches including World Book Maps with printable PDF maps. (comparison maps of provinces and places, etc).  Games and activities.

World Book Student

World Book Student gives elementary and middle school students (Grades 5-8) access to 40,000 encyclopaedia and reference articles; 10,000 biographies; plus audios, videos, animations, historical features, educational tools and activities.  Students will learn about research skills to complete the research project, planning and creating citations.  Steps are foundational and include evaluation of sources like wikis, podcasts, etc.  Students will also learn how to use MyResearch, where students can save all their research process.  Students can also create timelines to make their social study projects sparkle with 21 st century options.  Biography centre will help students research famous Canadians and inspiring people.  Surf the Ages website is for ancient civilizations research.  Quizzes and activities are made for teacher and student easy access.  In the Headlines provides history feed from news of the day, with updates every 15 minutes.

World Book Advanced

World Book Advanced gives to students of Grade 9 and up access to refined optimized searching of World Book’s encyclopaedia, multimedia, eBooks (including Shakespeare and Dickens, library and other classics), and primary source databases. It also includes research tools such as dictionaries, atlas, and research guides with citation builders for bibliographies.  Students have the ability to create individual accounts, to save their content, both within World Book and from external sources, and create timelines and citations in MLA format.  Primary and secondary sources are covered in all databases.  Pathfinders will help students research under popular topics, links to media, biographies, government and history.

World Book Discover

World Book also includes “World Book Discover,” a collection of resources for differentiated learning including read-aloudtext translation, video, and clear, easy-to- read information. This engaging resource is designed to support students working below grade level with research articles, research tools, and multimedia and interactive videos designed to support grade level content. Reluctant readers and students with mild learning disabilities will appreciate this support.  Students can listen to content in many languages.  Students are able to create individual accounts to save their research, and easily access the citations. There is even a life skills’ component to help students negotiate financial and health issues (social skills) including worksheets.

World Book Timelines

World Book Timelines is optimized for tablets and offers hundreds of pre-generated timelines across eight broad topics, which cover various time periods in history or span the life of historical public figures.  Featuring more personalization and customization options than any other World Book site, World Book Timelines also allows users to create their own timeline from scratch, adding events, descriptions, and media.  (Gr. K-12)

Dramatic Learning

Dramatic Learning for grades K-12 extends the work you are already doing. The plays on this site have been written to work in concert with accompanying lesson plans tied to American achievement benchmarks. They function as a catalyst to engage students in the adventure of learning, encouraging them to pursue further research and exploration long after their classroom experience is over.

The plays and their attendant materials on this site are your tools to respond to the varying learning modes of your students and help you ensure that nobody falls through the cracks in reading, learning, and being engaged in the classroom.

Each Dramatic Learning play leads you through the story of the play to the concepts to be learned. The adventures that you have while rehearsing and performing the play – from designing and creating sets and costumes, to finding inventive props – are up to you!

Plays available for Grades 1-12, by grade:  Plays Available in Dramatic Learning

World Book Science Power

Science Power is an engaging and visually rich supplemental science learning site for upper elementary-age children (approximately grades 1-7). It includes interactive multimedia, experiments, extension activities, teacher guides, and a test for each lesson. The site is correlated to BC provincial standards, and includes differentiated content to help struggling readers master the material.  Topics covered are:  living things, ecosystems,  earth, weather and space, matter, and forces and energy.  Quizzes and podcasts, experiments and videos makes science fun and easy!  Critical thinking questions encourage students to continue their science inquiry into further WorldBook articles.  Tests can be accessed after each lesson by accessing the student classroom menu and teacher centre link.  Teachers can create their own class to access all reports. Featured Scientists section will help students research biographical information.  Ask a Scientist is a great way for students to access popular questions and ask their own questions.

Encyclopedia Estudiantil Hallazgos

This Spanish encyclopedia offers students a colourful engagement in the Spanish language covering People, Exploring the World, Science and Math, Religions of the World, Plants and Animals, History, Arts and Literature, and Sports and Hobbies. Each of these categories opens up other topics. Rich with images, a visual dictionary, activities and other links, this encyclopedia will give students added value and experience alongside their Spanish language studies. Resource is suitable for upper Middle and High School students.  (Gr. 8-12)  This site is for students who are already fluent in Spanish and is not meant to be a language learning site.

L’Encyclopédie Découverte

Découverte offers students  a colourful engagement in the French language covering People, Exploring the World, Science and Math, Religions of the World, Plants and Animals, History, Arts and Literature, and Sports and Hobbies. Each of these categories opens up other topics. Rich with images, a visual dictionary, activities and other links, Découverte will give students added value and experience alongside their French language studies. Suitable for upper Middle and High School students.  (Gr. 8-12)  This site is for students who are already fluent in French and is not meant to be a language learning site.

From the home page, choose the World Book product you wish to access:

You can easily switch from one site in World Book to another without logging in again, just by choosing “World Book Products” in the lower left corner of the page which you are viewing.

You can search World Book using the search bar, or choose “Advanced Search” for a more thorough search.

#1 – Search

Note that World Book offers an excellent search capability:

#2 – Saving Your Research

World Book allows students to set up their own “My Research” page for saving their work from World Book sites, and allows saving from other sites, as well.

Choose “Research and Resources” in the top right-hand corner.  Scroll down to choose “My Research” from the navigation options E.g. in World Book Advanced:

Just choose “Create an Account” at the bottom of the page to set up your own folder with your own username and password.

When you are looking at an article in World Book, you can choose the Tools setting in the upper right-hand when you want to save it:

This will give you the option to save the article to your “My Research” folder, to share it, to print it, to translate the article into another language, to hear it, to change the size of the text or to cite it (citations available are in MLA, APA and Harvard format).

World Book has created a collection of brief video tutorials to help familiarize users with the resources available on World Book Online. Start by watching their World Book Online General Overview with the transcript of the text shown to the left of the video. Here is the page for World Book Online Video Tutorials for all the World Book sites.   (Some tutorials are in Flash format and require the Flash plug-in to view.  It is available as a free download at

To view the World Book Grade 3-9 offerings, you can view this hour-long webinar, which gives tips and tricks for using the various sites.

World Book has excellent descriptions of their products at this link further World Book resources.  Just be aware that not every site described on this page is available in our subscription.

In order to do student assessment in World Book Science Power, teachers must set up a Science Power account to create their classroom, assign students and view the assessments.  If teachers have a “MyResearch” account, they can use that login to access Science Power.

For curriculum correlations, please go to the Curriculum Correlations site  Subscriptions Curriculum Correlations. ‎

If you, or one of your families, is having trouble getting to the page shown in this screenshot, be aware that the site will automatically go to whatever is available for the province or state where your internet service provider is located.  For example, the province of Alberta has a World Book subscription, but they only subscribe to the Early World of Learning feature.  Therefore,  HCOS users in Alberta may find they only see Early World of Learning on their main page.   If this happens to you, please email Beth Johnson to get access to the correct site.

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