Online Database Subscriptions

Online Internet Subscriptions

All the online subscriptions listed below are available to enrolled families free or for a reduced subscription fee.  They allow your students to enjoy multi-subject databases which are interactive, research and standard based in alignment with the new BC curriculum.  They also fit into our  mission statement for searching online safely and within age appropriate boundaries.

  • For enrolled families to access the thirty+ online subscriptions available to them, please go to your parent homepage in Encom.  From the menu along the top, choose “Curriculum Resources”.  Then scroll down to find the links and passwords for all the subscriptions available to you; most are free to you.
  • Questions may be directed to Beth Johnson.  She will be happy to help you.

The following subscriptions are available to registered homeschool families: What in the World?, The Canadian Reader, EBSCOhost, World Book, Gale Cengage Learning, PebbleGo, PebbleGo Next, Learn360, RightNow Media, and a reduced fee for BrainPOP.  For more information and username/password combinations, please email Beth Johnson.

To learn more about how to use the databases for Inquiry purposes read this article here.

Disclaimer.  We pray and trust our HCOS families will enjoy these online subscriptions.  Our subscriptions cover a wide range of content which may be useful to your student’s learning in an online world.  We encourage all parents to supervise students in any online activity, including the use of subscriptions. Please follow the terms of use as suggested on the websites.   Please note there may be secular content included.


Browse the Alphabetical Listing of Subscriptions below or search by Subject under Subscriptions.

Adaptive Curriculum (Math Grades 5-10 & Science Grades 6-9)

All the Right Type 4 Online (Typing)

B – C
BrainPOP, BrainPOP Jr, BrainPOP Français and BrainPOP Español  (Multi-Subject Video material Grades K-8)

BC ExamBank   (Multi-Subject Grades K-12)

Canadian Reader, The (Social Studies  Grades 3-5)

Coding (Computer Coding and Programming Grades K-12) (CBC radio and TV documentaries grades 8-12)

Discovery Education Streaming Canada Plus (Multi-Subject  Grades K-12) 

EBSCOhost  (Multi-Subject Research Databases  Grades K-12)

EBSCOhost Primary Search  (Grades K-7)

EBSCOhost Secondary Search (Grades 8-12)

EBSCOhost:  Other Databases (to find  NoveList, Image search, etc.)

Enchanted Learning (Grades K-3)

Encyclopedia BC /  (Social Studies)


Gale Cengage Learning (Multi-Subject)

Gizmos (Math and Science Gr. 3-9)


IXL (Math Grades K-12 and Calculus)


Kidblog (Blogging site/Language Arts  Grades K-8) BC (Social Studies) 


Learn360 (Multi-Subject  Grades K-12)


Mystery Science (Science Grade K-5)


NoveList Plus (Language Arts)


Passport to the Internet (Grades 4-8 Internet Safety)

PebbleGo (Grades K-3 Reading Non Fiction, and writing research reports) and PebbleGo Next (Grades 3-6 Science)

Reading Eggs (Grades K-3 Language Arts) and Reading Eggspress (Grades 4-6 Language Arts)

RightNow Media (Bible  All ages)

SAS® Curriculum Pathways (Multi-Subject  Grades 6-12)

SuccessMaker (Grades K – 10 Math and Reading)

StudyForge  (Math Grades 5 – AP Calculus, Science Grades 5-9 and Physics Grades 11 – AP 1 and 2)


Tynker (Computer coding and programming Gr K-12)

What in the World? (Social Studies  Level 1 – Gr. 5-7; Level 2 – Gr. 8-10)

World Book Encyclopedia (Multi-Subject  Grades K-12)


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