BrainPOP, BrainPOP Jr, BrainPOP Français and BrainPOP Español

This is one of our school’s favourite websites:  BrainPOP, BrainPOP Jr, BrainPOP Français  and BrainPOP Español are now available to HCOS students. This animated, award-winning online resource provides hundreds of animated, curriculum-based movies covering topics in Science, Social Studies, Math, English, Arts and Music, Health, and Technology with the core content targeted for grades K-8. However, some content is helpful to high school students. Following each movie clip, students have the opportunity to participate in quizzes, cartoons, and do-it-yourself experiments, and with the click of a button, the quiz result can be forwarded to you support teacher.

Log in at

Teacher and student tutorials may be found on this page or at this YouTube video site:

To view the September 15, 2016 webinar, go to BrainPOP’s Newest Feature:  The Challenge!

Please note that My BrainPOP is not available for families; this is the teacher site.  However, BrainPOP Educators is available for free when logging in with the HCOS username and password.  Look for this link at the bottom of the BrainPOP homepage:

BrainPOP Educators

For information, go to Teaching Tips from Our Educators.


Brain Pop K-8 Correlations (with Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies)

Cost: free to enrolled students.  Registered students may purchase a half-price subscription by contacting

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