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Learn to read with Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress, a unique online world where children learn to read through self-paced individualized one-on-one lessons. Reading Eggs (for K to age 7) focuses on the core reading curriculum of phonics and sight words using skills and strategies. Reading Eggspress (for ages 7 to 13) focuses on building reading fluency and comprehension, spelling and vocabulary, and a range of writing skills including grammar and punctuation. These fun lessons are filled with interactive animations, games and songs, and end with a new book and a reward. HCOS is offering this subscription at no cost to our enrolled students.

For information about Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress

Try a sample lesson in Reading Eggspress

Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress Library of eBooks

Cost: Free for HCOS enrolled students.

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Reading Eggs Student Screen

Note:  If you wish to record your student reading from Reading Eggs in order to share the reading with your support teacher, please go to for easy recording, then forward the file to your teacher.  Here is the link to a video showing how this works:  It is very easy; your students will be able to use it without trouble.

If students wanted to share their screen as they were recording, they could also use Screencastify:  It is very easy to capture your screen and record as you read.  The free option allows 10 minutes of recording time per video.

Reading Eggs App

The online Reading Eggs program is separate from the available Reading Eggs apps.  The apps focus on specific areas e.g. phonics, vocabulary.  These apps are not included in the cost of an online subscription, as they are different resources.  For more information or to purchase Reading Eggs apps, go to this link:  Reading Eggs apps.

For instructional tutorials on using the teacher site in Reading Eggs, please go to this link and scroll down the left side of the screen for teacher instruction.

To sign up your student to use Reading Eggs or Reading Eggspress, contact your support teacher for a username and password.

Reading Eggspress student navigation

Reading Eggspress student screen

How to create a Parent Account in Reading Eggs/press

To view a student’s progress a parent can create a “Parent Account” and link the school’s account with the parent account. This will show the parent the student’s progress and how well they are doing in the program.

To create a Parent Account please follow the directions below:

First log in to the Reading Eggs website and click on the “Register NOW for a FREE TRIAL” button under “PARENTS Click here”.

Next type in a valid email address and password and click the orange “Start my FREE trial now!” button.

This will send a confirmation email to the email address entered. The parent will check their email and click the confirmation link in the email provided by Reading Eggs.

Once the parent clicks on the email it will direct them to the Reading Eggs Parent Home Page. The parent can link a student’s account by scrolling to the bottom of the page and linking the student’s school account with the parent account by selecting “Option #2: Link a child with a school”.

They will use the student’s school Login and password with which they normally log in, to link the account. After the Login and password has been entered the parent will then click the green “Link child” button.

This will link the Parent account and the school account together and the parent will be able to run reports on their student.

Reading Eggs creatures

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