IXL Math


IXL Math

Please note:  IXL is not currently aligned to the BC standards.  It is more of a practice database where students can work on reinforcing math skills.  It does not cover the inquiry process.  Please use other curriculum to complete the Math standards.  As we do not have a K-3 math subscription this year IXL will help students with concrete math drills and practice.

IXL provides students with visual representations, word problems, interactive activities and loads of practice exercises designed to strengthen students’ understanding and mastery of Math skills for grades K-12, and the new “Calculus Skills”.

Calculus skills in IXL

Learning Math skills through IXL is dynamic and fun! For a substantially reduced price, HCOS-enrolled students have unlimited access to all grade levels and to IXL’s advanced reporting system that will allow students, parents and teachers to easily monitor performance, improvement, and trouble spots.

To learn more about how to use IXL, you can book a webinar here.

Or watch these videos  at this professional development tutorial page.

To sign up for IXL Math, please go to this secure site:  2017-18 IXL Math Registration

We do not have IXL English available, but you can go to “Curriculum Resources” on your parent home page in Encom to find the purchasing link if you are interested in purchasing this portion of the IXL subscription.  IXL English

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  1. Jonathan Kao says:

    How do I sign up for IXL Math subscription through Heritage Christian Online School?


  2. Please contact Beth Johnson and she will help you get started:)


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