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All the Right Type 4 Online

All the Right Type 4 Online teaches touch typing in a visually exciting and engaging way. This no-nonsense keyboarding program uses classroom-tested methodology to develop keyboarding skills. Using the “sequenced” learning method, students will learn to touch type quickly and efficiently.

Grades: K and up  (all ages)

Cost:  $ 20.00 per student for the school year (register under “Curriculum Resources” on your Encom parent home page)

The program works from the Home screen/Campus page where users can easily navigate from lesson to lesson. ATRT 4 online has four types of lessons that support immediate reinforcement of any new keys introduced in the learning lab. “Sequencing” is turned on, so students will follow the blinking building which prompts them to the next lesson in a proven and time-tested learning order.

There are two types of games: Lesson Games which follow the same letters that students have learned, and Themed Games that involve all the letters and numbers on the keyboard for general practice after all keys have been learned. In themed games we have also incorporated basic math keyboarding (number-pad) drills as well as “dictation” or “note-taking” type games to reinforce keyboarding without text to copy. All game results are tracked into the database for record keeping.

Note:  Yes, you can use All the Right Type 4 Online on your iPad using the free app available. For more information go to http://www.atrtonline.com/new_index_version.php

For a free one-day trial, go to this link to “create a free one-day trial account”: http://www.atrtonline.com/content/member_join_guest.php

All the Right Type 3 Plus Download

To purchase a download of the older version, All the Right Type 3 Plus  (cost: $ 29.95), which is a purchase of the actual program, go to this link:  ATRT3 Plus  It will allow up to 5 users at a time, and can be saved onto your various home computers.

Type: Win/Mac CD-ROM
Win OS: XP – Windows 8
Mac OS: up to Intel Mac 10.6.x Snow Leopard
This version DOES NOT WORK with OS X Lion(10.7).
For Mac OSX 10.7 Lion users, check out All the Right Type 4 Online version

SMART Board compatible content “Standard” Accreditation
Ages: 8 and up
Grade: 3 and up

Video Tutorials.

Free Typing Programs

We have had a recommendation for a free typing program called TypingClub, which you may wish to check out.  To read about it, you may go to Typing Club blog article.  Also, a parent emailed to recommend Dance Mat Typing from BBC.  She said this is the most engaging one she has come across.  If you enjoy rock ‘n roll, you will enjoy the music in this site.  Here are some explanatory guides for Dance Mat Typing.


This is a free site where students can practise their typing and also learn Bible verses at the same time.  They can choose and save verses into the site.  The app can be used on Android, Kindle, PC, iPad and iPhone.  There is an activity for (1) typing the verse, (2) memorizing it, and (3) mastering it (i.e. typing it from memory).  The site will show typing speed.



Memorize & Review Verses Anytime, Anywhere
Import Any Verse from 10 Translations
Choose Verses from over 55 Categories
Review System Keeps You Current
Bible Memory iPhone App   Record Verses & Play Them Back
Bible Memory iPhone App   Draw Illustrations
Bible Memory iPhone App   Review with Flash Cards

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