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SuccessMaker Has Been Revised!

New Version:

I’m pleased to tell you that the new (2016) version of SuccessMaker for mathematics and reading has a much-refreshed, brighter and more colourful interface.  It also, importantly, has many technical improvements:   does not require any installation (!) and can be used right away on almost all computers.

New Opportunity:

We can now provide interested teachers with a link to preview the program.  In addition, if a teacher feels that SuccessMaker may be appropriate for a student, they may have a trial at certain times of the year, at no cost.  (usually fall and spring)

What Is SuccessMaker?

SuccessMaker is an online program that enhances mathematics skills, develops fundamental math concepts, increases reading skills, and provides differentiated instruction for individual students. A key feature of SuccessMaker is that it adapts exactly to each student’s strengths and weaknesses, not only raising or lowering levels for different strands, but also providing more interaction, instruction and support, where needed.  Teachers using the preview links will get some idea of how the program works, but the “proof in the pudding” will only be seen by doing a student trial.  Note:  A bonus to the trial will be the report at the end showing baseline learning level – equivalent to a Level B assessment – and progress from the baseline. 


SuccessMaker is most often used with students in grades K to 10 who are under-achieving:  students who have weaknesses that prevent them from learning as they should.  It is also appreciated by students who are already doing well, but could be doing better. And SuccessMaker can be a great resource for students who want to forge ahead, above their assigned grade-level.

How Does a Parent or Teacher View SuccessMaker?

Tom Emerson writes:

Any interested teacher can request a link and/or student trial by emailing me.  If there are questions I am also quite happy to receive a phone-call.



Tom Emerson
SuccessMaker Support
office/vm: 250-832-5775

For enrolled families to sign up, please go to this secure link:  2017-18 SuccessMaker Registration

Technical Requirements for Using SuccessMaker:

SuccessMaker should work on almost any computer with keyboard and mouse:  PC Win 7 and up, equivalent Apple computer, or Chromebook.  Please do not plan to use SuccessMaker with an iPad.

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