Great resources for all grades! 

Check out these supplemental packs that can add fun and interest to your studies!

Art Appreciation Unit Study Degas & Monet, or Winslow Homer and Mary Cassatt

These unit studies contain the Teacher’s Guide and two videos that focus on two artists. The guide offers a variety of lesson plans to accompany the video stories, discussion topics and activities. Also included: Usborne’s The Impressionists, two card games and art cards.

Beginning Public speaking 

For over a decade, thousands of children and their parents across the nation have traveled to Communicators for Christ conferences. These instructional workshops are available for the first time in this interactive DVD curriculum for ages 5 to 11.

Set 1 Famous First Series, Easy Readers: Biographies

Readability: Grade 2, for struggling readers or ESL students, this series features five famous people. The well-organized chapters, glossaries, and discussion questions can be used to promote reading strategies. The photos, maps and illustrations reflect the text, making the words easy to decode. Each biographie contains 48 pages – long enough to narraate fully each person’s story but short enough for beginning readers. The workbook contains dozens of activities that promote reading comprehension, word attack skills, and the writing process.

Foundations in personal finance by Dave Ramsey – For Secondary Students. Middle School version also available.

12 formal, classroom-style lessons on DVD of Dave’s Teachings
All lessons are taught by Dave on DVD (14+ hours of instructional video) in 4 distinct units designed to be taught as a stand alone curriculum over the course of a full semester. Each unit contains 3 chapters. This full curriculum is enough material for a semester long class that meets 5 days a week, 50 min a day.  Teacher’s Guide CD-ROM, All the lesson plans, activities, assessments, case studies, syllabi, answer keys, and additional information to help the teacher implement the curriculum.  1 Student Workbook  30+ pages of financial forms, including a student budget.

The Gladys We Never Knew/Project of the Heart

Gladys We Never Knew, a guide with lesson plans and projects to help teachers and students examine the impact the schools had that First Nations struggle with to this day. It follows the short and tragic life of Gladys Champman, a child from the Spuzzum Nation who died from tuberculosis at the Kamloops Indian Residential School when she was 12. Indigenous studies Grade 5 and up.

Introductory Logic: The Fundamentals of Thinking Well – Secondary Students

Logic is the art of reasoning well–of learning to think God’s thoughts after him. In this student text book, James Nance provides homeschoolers with a thorough introduction to logical thought.

Students will be introduced to the basic terms and definitions used in logic; statements and their relationships; syllogisms and their validity; arguments in normal English; and informal fallacies. Organized into five units, each lesson is followed by one or two exercises; units conclude with a set of review questions and review exercises. Important words and concepts are bolded in the lesson, and symbols on the side of the page denote definitions, key points, and cautions.

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