Ready to learn? Ready to play? A new School Year is on the way! On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!

Here are some things to help you get the most out of the start of your school year.

Does your schedule look too busy or cluttered? Help yourself and your family get off to a good start by Making a Home-School Schedule.

Have your heard of  STEAM? Everyone seems to be talking about it, but What is STEAM, how do we do it and what does it look like for distributed schooling? Find out all of that in this article, as well as some good ideas to get you going.

Physical Education may have been your favourite subject or most dreaded subject.  Either way you look at it, getting up and moving is a healthy part of life that we all need. Here are some good ideas to help get your Home-School P.E. Time in.

Distant learners spend a lot of time looking at a computer screen. The blue light that is given off by electronic screens is harsh to the eyes, and can cause strain headaches as well as disrupt sleep patterns, among other things. Some things that may help include making sure the room with the computer is well lit, and having a Blue Light Filter on your screen.

Having a good AdBlock on your computer is also advisable.  There are many programs available but this one is free and works well.

These resources and so many more can be found on our Search Portal!

I pray that you have a wonderful start to your school year, and that you and your students are blessed as you all learn and grow. May this year be a time of special bonding within your family.  Don’t forget to take moments to rest and refresh in God.


Erin Duncan

Web Linking Librarian.