The American Revolution and Loyalists Digital Kit- Grade 9

The American Revolution Cover

The American Revolution and the Loyalists

Digital Resources for Use With This Kit:

The American Revolution and Loyalists Kit Guide

To learn more about the different types of digital PDF resources, and how to download them the help page has excellent instructions.

The American Revolution for Kids with 21 Activities by Janis Herbert

The American Revolution by Bruce Bliven Jr.

The American Revolution by George R. Lee

The Loyalists by Thomas Fleming

Escape: Adventures of a Loyalist Family by Mary Beacock Fryer

Johnny Tremain by Esther Hoskins Forbes

Online Resources:

Discovery Education

Learn 360

Bible Gateway

Additional Information:

Discovery Education and Learn 360 have passwords. You will need to email your child’s teacher for the login information for both sites.

On the next several pages you will find a table with a summary of the reading for each day. After the table you will find detailed day plans with links, videos, activities, and discussion questions.

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