HCOS PAC Annual General Meeting is coming up June 20th at 7p.m.!

Join us to learn about what we do!

Some of the activities that were supported by the PAC this year:

  • Scholarships for HCOS Graduates
  • After Grad parties
  • Waterslides Fun Day
  • Field trips of all kinds
  • Sports Fun Day
  • Robotics
  • Books and STEAM-related manipulatives available through the Learning Commons
  • Theatre and Musical events

The funds from the PAC make many events more cost efficient to attend all across the Province!!

We would like to invite you to join us for the PAC’s Annual General Meeting on June 20th at 7:00 p.m. on Zoom or in person at the Heritage Christian School  library in Kelowna, 907 Badke Road.

Interested or curious, come join us!

What is the PAC?

The PAC consists of parents who collaborate with HCOS school staff and other parents to enrich the Heritage Online Christian School community. Our purpose is to support student programs in a variety of ways. Our responsibility is to distribute funds for extracurricular activities that benefit groups of HCOS students. The PAC is also responsible for distributing scholarships.

Positions to be filled:

We are now looking for more positions to be filled on the PAC team. We are looking for regional representatives as well as a new secretary and treasurer.

Reps help get the word out to parents about the funds available for field trips, events and more! Voting on applications takes place over Facebook so the amount of time you need to dedicate to the PAC is minimal, just a few hours a month!  Please consider joining us so your area will be well-represented and reap the benefits the PAC has to offer! All parents of enrolled students are already part of the PAC. We need parents to participate by volunteering for these positions and by electing people to these positions.

Check out our website and join us at the meeting to learn more. The following Zoom link will allow you to join us from the comfort of your home!  Just click on it to set up Zoom (very easy to do!). You will need a microphone, but video is optional. If you would like more information about the positions, please contact Katie at hcospac.chairperson@gmail.com

Zoom link