The Life Cycle of Animals Digital Unit Study

Lifecycle of Animals Digital Unit Study


In the second grade students are continuing their exploration into God’s creation that was begun in kindergarten. Second graders are highly curious about the world in which they live and are typically ready to increase the depth and breadth of their scientific knowledge. This unit is designed to guide parents and students through the incredible journey living creatures undergo during their lifetime.

This unit is designed to cover a variety of topics, including:

● The life cycles of black bears, blue whales, turtles, garter snakes, frogs, salamanders, Canada geese, penguins, ladybugs, butterflies and honeybees

● Classification of animals

●Changes that affect animals throughout their lives. The difference between hatching and being born.

● The habitats of various animals.

● Migration, nursing, molting.

● Metamorphosis


● Life span

Digital Resources Needed:

The Life-Cycle of Animals Unit Study Guide


Overdrive Resources Needed:

Animal Life Cycles

Animal Life Cycles Growing and Changing

A Frog’s Life

A Butterfly’s Life

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