Open-and-go lessons that inspire kids to love science!

At Mystery Science, the mission is to help children stay curious.  Have you listened lately to young children?  They  love to ask questions. They’re naturally curious about the world: “Why does it get cold in the winter?” “Why do we need to cook our food?” “Why are flowers so colorful?”

Think about it:  every scientific conclusion began as a mystery. Someone wondered something about the world, and they set out to investigate it.  In Mystery Science, children enjoy the excitement of wonder, the suspense of investigation, and the thrill of discovery.

If you take a child’s questions seriously and help them to investigate, their natural curiosity will develop into a scientific perspective on the world. This ability to think scientifically is fundamental to any career or subject a child chooses to pursue as an adult. It’s the ability to look at a question or problem, systematically investigate and collect evidence, and come to an independent conclusion.

Mystery Science provides ready-made science mysteries for elementary school students. Each lesson contains a central mystery, discussion questions, supplemental reading, and a hands-on activity.  Parents can ask their support teacher for the student link (good for 10 days’ use) to any mystery in the site.  Help your children investigate the mysteries of this endlessly fascinating world!

One of the fun things about this site is that students are encouraged to send in their own questions for the Mystery Science site to answer!

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Mystery Doug has free five-minute activities, perfect for a quick break in your routine.

Their weekly videos answer real student questions, such as “Why are pumpkins orange?”  Best of all, at the end, students get to choose which question they would like ‘Mystery Doug‘ to answer next!