Tynker Junior: Now Available for HCOS Students!

Last December Tynker launched Tynker Junior, a new app designed specifically for early learners ages 4-7 who are just beginning to develop foundational skills such as reading and writing. This month they have made Tynker Junior available for schools.

Tynker Junior takes the same familiar Tynker approach of carefully scaffolded coding education for students, and expands it to pre-readers to offer a complete solution for schools.

Why Tynker Junior?

Supports unique requirements of younger learners
At this unique cognitive and developmental stage, pre-readers require specialized tools to succeed in a classroom. Tynker Junior offers word-free picture blocks, a tap-based interface with no dragging, friendly voiceovers, helpful hints, and a gentle progression to give your littlest learners a head start on understanding coding skills they will further develop in later grades.

Designed to make your pre-readers fall in love with coding!
Tynker Junior uses the fun characters and gorgeous graphics you’ve come to expect from Tynker. Children will love developing animations, going on adventures, and solving challenges, which is why Tynker Junior already has hundreds of thousands of users in less than 3 months.

Easy transition to block coding 
Tynker Junior sets up the foundation and gets students ready for Tynker block coding. Once students master Tynker Junior, they can transition to ‘big-kid’ coding challenges like creating their own projects, modding Minecraft, or programming drones.