Good news!

Not all of the physical unit studies for Grades 7-9 are booked out! We have some wonderful unit studies available right now and into January, so if you couldn’t book them earlier, try again! Some units are fully booked for the year, but if you are local to Kelowna or within 2 shipping days, we can sometimes squeeze in a shorter loan period. Just contact us and ask us to check if there is availability.

Here are a few unit studies for Grades 7-9 that are available. Click on the Grade to go to the unit study page for more information. As patrons sometimes cancel bookings, other units may also be available.

  You can view the full list of unit study titles here.   

Grades 7 to 9 have a number of Mini Unit Studies that take only 4 weeks to complete!

Grade 7

930.1 ORG Origins of Humans Mini Unit

Explore anthropological perspectives on the origin and development of human beings in this engaging and challenging mini-kit, which should take 4 weeks to complete. You will be exploring these theories from a secular perspective, a theistic evolutionary perspective, and a creationist perspective with the goal of discovering what you believe and why you believe it! You will be able to watch videos, read books and articles, explore interactives, and choose from a variety of engaging projects including writing stories, creating presentations, designing brochures, building dioramas, filming videos, scripting plays, and many more! Finally, you will be able to summarize what you have learned in a presentation and then argue for your own perspective.

972 INC Inca, Aztec and Maya Mini Unit

937 SIN Ancient Rome Unit Study

231.7 CRE Creation & Evolution

Grade 8

940.2 REF Reformation Mini Units

940.1 CRU Crusades Mini Units

Grade 9

940.3 WOR World War I Mini Unit

546 CHE Chemistry

*Core French Kits also available.

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