Unit Study Kits Gr. K – 9


 Library unit kits Available

These kits are available in both Physical (borrow from our L4U library) and Digital (using online and Overdrive resources). The guides and student pages are available for download, sorted by grade. Use this Planning Sheet to organize your lessons: planning-sheet


Grade 1

Grade 2

Grade 3

Grade 4 

Grade 5

Grade 6

Grade 7

Grade 8

Grade 9

Multiple Grades

List of Kits (Both Unit Study and Supplemental Kits) Available in L4U


Kit Descriptions

Heritage Christian Online School couriers these kits to your home and will arrange for courier pick up as well – all free of charge.  The resource kits, created by our staff, outline lesson plans and activities for your students. Effort has been made to include quality resources and hard-to-find supplies, in order to help cover the Ministry of Education requirements efficiently and effectively. Many of the kits include:

Several informative books on the unit study topic

Hard-to-locate reusable resources such as prepared slides, battery holders, and spring scales

A game, activity or DVD to make learning fun

Related websites to extend learning

A parent activity guide which breaks the content into a variety of lesson plans. The guide can also be accessed on the website and has live links to other websites.

Requesting a Kit

There is a limit of one kit per subject per child to a maximum of three kits per family for Science and Socials kits.
ie. One Gr. 5 Science kit and one Gr. 5 Socials kit can be taken out at one time, but not two Gr. 5 Science kits at one time.



  1. Jennifer Slingerland says:

    I see the limit of no more than three kits at a time, but is there a limit on how many kits can be requested in a year?


    • shandrawiebe says:

      Hi Jennifer, No there is no limit for bookings for the year. However, there is a shipping limit for those who live outside of the Kelowna/West Kelowna area. Please see the How to Use the L4U Physical Library page for more details.


  2. Julie Crowther says:

    Hi Shandra. I would like to request some kits for the new year… how do I do that?


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