Valentine’s Day is a ‘love’ly holiday. Some love it, some love to hate it because of the connotation that it is for couples only, but no matter where you stand it is a great reminder to tell those close to us that we love them. When I was younger, my Sunday School Teacher would use Valentine’s Day as a precursor lesson to the Easter Story. What would you give someone to show how much you love them? God gave Jesus for/to us! John 3:16

Here are some Valentine’s Day gift, card, and craft ideas from our Web-Link Library to help make your Valentine’s Day special.

Wax Resist Valentines’s Cards – All ages

Sewn Heart Cards – A thread and needle are used in this craft. Intermediate Level Art

Pop-up Heart Card  – This card is made with paper cutting techniques using an Exacto-knife. Fun and impressive art, use care while creating!

Pop-Up Flower Bouquet Card – This card is a beautiful flowery surprise. Different colors can be used for the flowers and the background. If you have square origami paper this works well for the flowers but any thin paper (or even construction paper if you crease it well) will work. You can make the flower bouquet smaller by using smaller squares of paper. Leaves and other details are optional, just remember to not attach them until after the bouquet is made and attached to the card.

Valentine’s Day Treats and Eats – Themed food for the holidays is always a fun addition to the day. No matter if you need, sugar-free, gluten free, vegan, non-desserts or just ideas here are 101 ideas to inspire you. Some of these, your kids can cook for you!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. As one of my favourite veggies likes to say: “God made you special, and He loves you very much!” – Bob Tomato