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Water Systems on the Earth Unit Study Kit in L4U Library (login first)


The Water Systems Parent Guide and student pages are available for download in the L4U library record.

Materials in kit – to be returned to HCOS:

“The Blue Planet” – 5 DVDs

The Ocean Book by Frank Sherwin (Wonders of Creation)

The Ocean Book by Frank Sherwin (Wonders of Creation) Study guide and workbook

Professor Noggin’s “Life in the Ocean” Card Game

Janice VanCleave’s Oceans for Every Kid by Janice VanCleave

Other books available from HCOS library:

Destroying the Oceans by Sarah Levete (Gr 3-6 level)

Eyewitness Endangered Animals by Ben Hoare

Realms of the Sea by Kenneth Brower

Safari Beneath the Sea: The Wonder World of the North Pacific Coast by Diane Swanson

Seashores by Joyce Pope

Subtidal Galapagos by James Cribb

Ocean, Tidal and Wave Energy by Lynn Peppas (level 3-6)

Dying Oceans by Paula Hogan

Our Ocean Home by Robert Lyn Nelson

Oceans by Beverly McMillan

The Kingfisher Young People’s Book of Oceans by David Lambert

Materials Required

Poster paper, large 5×7 index card, aluminum foil, plastic shoebox or rectangular container, food coloring, masking tape, sharpened pencil, pepper, aluminum pie plates, salt, water (warm and cold) in cups or 600 ml beakers, straw

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