I Like Mystery Science!

-- by Elly Schoepp, HCOS Teacher --

Mystery Science has served me well this year. I appreciate the way the program is organized and laid out, I like that there are usually very few supplies to get hold of, and they do a good job of hooking the kids in with an interesting question or problem.

I have used it in a co-op setting, as well as at home with my primary-aged kids. At co-op I assigned the video for the kids to watch at home ahead of time, since I wasn’t able to get hold of a laptop or iPad. They all watched it through and we went over the questions that were posed during the video. We then did the activity together as a group. It was a hat-design activity and the kids did great! They came up with some interesting and creative designs that I wouldn’t have thought of.

I found the program simpler to use at home with just one or two kids. The prep time is cut back and it is straightforward tech-wise, in that I just have to sit down at the computer with a couple of kids, watch the video and discuss the questions. The videos are engaging. Each one that we’ve viewed has been interesting enough to hold the attention of a reluctant 6-year old and his eager 2-year old brother. Each time, my older kids have also drifted in towards the computer to see what was going on and ended up staying for the lesson and participating in the activity (without really being invited).

I have recommended Mystery Science to all my families. I include a link in my weekly update emails for a new lesson and make sure to follow-up and ask them about which lessons they’ve enjoyed/completed in emails, texts and conversations. The lessons are short and simple enough to watch through if I want a better understanding of what competencies and content my families have covered.

Take advantage of this resource as a parent and teacher!

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