What Does Inquiry Based Learning LOOK like in the Campus Learning Commons?

Inquiry Based Learning asks, investigates, creates, discusses and reflects, leading to the next question.

Question of the Day

Question of the Day

There’s something about a simple question; something just engaging enough to bring out the shy student, just provoking enough to challenge the outspoken ones.  A simple “question of the day” can turn into a full Google Earth / National Geographic exploration followed up by a personal searching question like, “Why do I care?”  What happens when a student’s developing world view intersects with the Biblical worldview?  Add a challenge, like the 2014 Missions Outreach Read-a-thon, combining education with personal endeavor with international outreach.  Suddenly, where we began with a question, we arrive at action.   It all begins with a question.

New Book Spotlight

New Book Spotlight

Mix’n it up a little: turning the student into the expert looks like this:  “Can you find a ‘new book’ and synthesize enough information to promote it to the rest of the class in 10 minutes flat?”  To meet the time allowance, they’ll need to ask the right questions, know how to find the answers, and create a promo on the spot.  No pressure, no worry, just do it.  Now you have the right atmosphere to allow your peers to reflect, reassess and ask the next question.


                       iBuddies + community + literacy + technology        With our iBuddies, students work side-by-side with students.  The Grade 5s and 6s are the experts and  the encouragers. The Kindergarten and Grade Ones are given new technology (iPads) and encouraged to explore and look to an older student as a helper and friend.  For example, the Wanderful interactive storybooks lead the buddies through story, adventure and fun.  This time, the “expert” asks the questions, which lead to investigation, experimentation, and exploration of the results.  The “buddies” can then reflect on the experience together and meet back the next week to go on another adventure together.

What book inspires you?

What book inspires you?

Inquiry Based Learning can be applied to almost any idea…

Inspiring books need to be shown to EVEYONE.  What book inspires you?  Maybe someone else needs to know!  Here we begin with reflection and discussion, which lead to….you guessed it:  asking questions and investigation!

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We are a team of librarians working at Heritage Christian Schools learning commons. HCS Schools consist of a Christian DL school, and a campus school in beautiful Kelowna, British Columbia.

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  1. hcslearningcommons February 14, 2014 at 7:16 pm - Reply

    I love your approach to inquiry based learning Jessie! Thank you for blessing our students with your time, energy, passion and love. Happy Valentines Day to you! Blessings

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