When You Don't Know What to Do!

Where to go for help...

I hear from many puzzled people.  Are you feeling like one of them today?  You’ve gotten to the end of your ideas for teaching a certain subject, and you just don’t know where to go from here?

Have you checked out the Learning Commons “K-9 Resources” page yet?  That is my best suggestion for parents who need ideas!

If you opened the Learning Commons website and scrolled down to

then chose the “Learn More” button, you would come to an index page.

Suppose you were researching materials for a Grade 6 student, you would choose “Grade 6 Resources” and the page would flip over to show you a description and give you the option to “View”, which you would choose.


At this point, the “Grade Six Index” would open up with a list of all the subjects in Grade Six at the top.  To put it simply, from this page you would be able to see all the options available in our Learning Commons for teaching a Grade Six student.  If you need further explanation of the navigation, please read on.

Choosing any of the topics from the index would take you to a page specifically for that subject in that grade:  

Staying on the homepage for that grade, instead of choosing a subject to research, you would scroll down to find “Helpful Information for All Subjects”, as shown in the screenshot below.

Suppose you looked at the Grade Six Index and wanted to find more about what was available in the Learning Commons for Science.

Choosing “Science” would take you to a page with this menu:

This would allow you to find out which unit study kits were available for Grade 6, which books in the OverDrive eBook Library and which resources in the Kelowna campus library could be used for Grade 6 studies, as well as the online course for studying Science 6.

Scrolling further down this page would take you to the section with all the subscriptions materials available for Grade 6 Science.

When you arrive here, you will be excited about the resources that are available to you–and all for free, in our Learning Commons.

Remember that if you have questions, you are always welcome to email and ask us.

K-9 Resources Index