Who are We?


Teacher Librarian: Pippa Davies

Photo on 12-11-16 at 3.16 PMPippa manages online reference retrieval, indexing websites and management of library website, current awareness, library education and promotion, Learning Commons leadership,  and professional collaboration with colleagues. She does this via the library website, her blog, the Ning, webinars on Blackboard Collaborate, Scoopit and Twitter feeds. She is available to both libraries for information retrieval and teaching collaborative units, webinars on Blackboard, editing the Learning Commons newsletter and collaboration on the Ning. You may also contact her for queries relating to our ebook library on Overdrive.

Find Pippa online pdavies@onlineschool.ca, or @PippaDavies on Twitter between the hours 9-5 Monday- Friday.

To sign up for a collaborative teaching unit with teacher librarian Pippa Davies, email her at pdavies@onlineschool.ca She is available Monday through Friday 9 am – 5 pm.


Curriculum Consultant: Cynthia Duncalfe

imag3450-3Cynthia consults with home educating parents and HCOS teachers in regards to a wide variety of curriculum resources. She is involved in curriculum correlating, the development of the HCOS Unity Study Kits, website development, OverDrive digital resource lists and theme pages, ScoopIt curation, blogging, monthly newsletters, and various training webinars.

To contact Cynthia for curriculum information please email her, cynthia.duncalfe@onlineschool.ca. She is generally available Monday – Friday, 10 am – 3 pm.


Kit writer: Rachael Freed

Rachael“Hello! My name is Rachael Freed and I am a new addition to the team at HCOS. I am a recent graduate from Vancouver Island University where I completed my Bachelor of Education degree. I am thrilled to be working for the Learning Commons creating unit study kits for families to use at home. That means that I spend my day reading great books, looking through terrific resources, and finding fun/cool/exciting/amazing learning activities for families to do together! I have the best job! May the Lord bless and keep you this year, and always.”

Rachael works two and a half days a week writing kits and researching curriculum. rfreed@onlineschool.ca

Physical Learning Commons:

The physical Learning Commons has a physical library and 24-hour access via the online L4U catalogue. The campus library is available Monday – Thursday 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. However, there are classes using the library at various times. Feel free to drop in, or call ahead to make an appointment if you need time to go over your account and find resources.

The library is available between 3pm -5pm Monday – Thursday for families or group use.  To book your class/group please email either Shandra Wiebe (online), swiebe@onlineschool.ca or Justine Dehod (campus) library@heritagechristian.ca


Library Resource Tech Administrator: Shandra Wiebe

shandra_wiebeShandra manages the L4U Library system, online family accounts, library education, cataloguing and reference queries, and more!!  She is involved in creating webinars, LibAnswers, bi-weekly newsletters, and monthly themes. If you have a question about how to access your online library account or need information about resources available, please contact Shandra at swiebe@onlineschool.ca

She is available Monday – Thursday 10:00 – 5:00 p.m. at 250-862-2377 ext. 311.


Campus Library Assistant: Justine Dehod 

Justine Dehod photo for website 2016Justine manages Campus accounts, class schedules, circulation records, including overdue lists and lost or damaged items, coordinates information retrieval for students and staff, library education, monthly newsletters and themes. For information on campus accounts, please contact Justine at library@heritagechristian.ca

She is available Monday through Friday, 10:30 a.m. – 2 p.m.  Or call her at 250 862 2377 ext. 312

Shipping Specialist:  Kelly Wiebe

KellyWiebe Finished[1]Kelly is responsible for Canpar queries, and for shipping and receiving materials to and from our Online families all over BC.

Kelly is available Monday – Thursday, 10:00 – 4:30p.m.  Please contact her at shipping@heritagechristian.ca  or 250-862-2377 ext. 312

AdministratorsPaul Kelly and Steve Cox

Paul pkelly@heritagechristian.ca is in charge of the high school component of the Learning Commons, and is also an administrator on our Heritage Christian Schools NING, while administrator Steve Cox scox@heritagechristian.ca is in charge of the elementary component of the Learning Commons.

Student Specialist: Sherri Funk

Sherri Funk sfunk@heritagechristian.ca loves engaging youngsters at story time. She is available daily during reading times for the primary grades.


Subscription Databases:

The subscriptions library is managed by Pippa Davies. Heritage Christian Schools presently holds thirty-one online school licences to a wide variety of online subscriptions, covering an array of subjects.  To access these, just log in to your parent home page in Encom, choose “Curriculum Resources” from the menu at the top, then scroll down to find the link, username and password for any subscription in which you are interested. These resources range from online educational curriculum to database resources, safe educational search engines and coding/programming learning.  Webinars are held throughout the year. Please make sure to check our Library interface calendar for upcoming events.


Subscriptions Specialist:  Beth Johnson 

Beth Johnson July 21, 2014Beth is our subscriptions facilitator in the Learning Commons.  She is responsible for communicating with parents and staff re adding new subscription accounts, and helping maintain the information on our website.  If you have questions about how your subscriptions work, or need some help, please email bjohnson@onlineschool.ca.

Beth works Mon-Wed and Friday 8.00-4.30 pm

High School Learning Commons NING and Forum Moderator:  Erin Duncan

Erin Erin eduncan@onlineschool.ca is our Forums and NING Moderator, and also a library assistant.  She oversees the day-to-day student communications on NING, advises students of upcoming events and enjoys archiving material in our web linking library.

Erin works Mon-Friday varying hours.



Our learning commons team is made up of Pippa Davies, Cynthia Duncalfe, Rachael Freed, Shandra Wiebe, Sherri Funk, Justine Dehod, Beth Johnson, Kelly Wiebe, Erin Duncan, Paul Kelly and Steve Cox. All decisions made in the Learning Commons are made as a team. Should you have any concerns with Learning Commons matters please email pdavies@onlineschool.ca and she will direct these concerns to her team.


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