Fire is an amazing thing. Beautiful, purifying, helpful, and destructive. It has been used to keep people warm, to cook food, and to help keep things clean by burning the waste. It can also be destructive by taking homes, forests, and lives when it gets out of control. We need to learn about, and respect, this element of God’s creation.

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Explore some of the History of Fire Fighting! How did people fight fires in history; how did what they learned influence what firefighters do today?

B.C. Wildfire Dashboard is an interactive map that keeps track (in as close to real time as they are able) of all of the wildfires in BC. If you are interested in learning about the fires in BC, no matter if they are close to you or not, this is an easy way to do so. Zoom in and out for a closer look at the map to see where the fires are. An orange dot is an active fire. A red dot is a fire that has started in the last 24 hours. A flame indicates a fire of note.

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