Welcome, K-12 students to our annual Read-A-Thon, Read For Change!

We are excited to be sharing a reading contest that has a really important mission statement, one that reaches out to our school charity Building Beyond Borders, provides bursaries for missionary students, and more.

We hope you will join us in this mission to read and fundraise as a community.

We are raising funds for projects that help support literacy and learning throughout BC and around the world

A school and medical clinic in Kenya through Building Beyond Borders

Bursaries for missionary students who need financial assistance to enrol with HCOS 

Online course curriculum development that helps equip students around the world

Join us in reading for social change and justice. When students are able to receive an education their futures are vastly improved, increasing their ability to impact the world for good.

Why Read for Change?

  • Enhance literacy goals and at the same time read for an inspirational goal

  • Make a difference in the lives of students in BC and around the world

  • Earn guaranteed prizes at certain fundraising levels

  • Get the chance to win a prize draw in your fundraising tier

  • Be entered to win the grand prize family vacation

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Get Started with These Great Reads and More

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Check Out These Physical Books from the Learning Commons

Look for the “Social Responsibility, Slavery, Conflict” Curation

There are so many important reasons to encourage students to read either via eBook, AudioBook or physical book.  Firstly, they are improving their literacy goals both in reading and vocabulary, and secondly, they are reaching out to support students in need. This is a Biblical value we hold close to our hearts.

Please encourage your students to read at least one book on our theme of social justice.  

We look forward to seeing goals on SORA too!  Good luck and happy reading!