Congratulations to our winners and thank you to all who participated in our “So You Think You Can Photograph Contest: 2018/2019“!

All photos followed the Theme: Reflection & Reflecting re·flect (rəˈflekt) – verb 1. (off a surface or body) throwback (heat, light, or sound) without absorbing it. “the snow reflects light” 2. to think deeply or carefully about something For this contest, you can choose to focus on either definition of “reflect”.

This could be a reflection of something on a surface (i.e., when trees and mountains are seen as a reflection on the surface of a lake). Or it could portray something that they were reflecting on (i.e., you might take a picture of a rainbow and reflect on God’s promise to not totally flood the earth again) as long as they told us what the photo represents as a reflection in their description.

Photo Contest Gr.3-8 =============================================

 Prize  Name  Winning Photo
 First Place  Faith Charanduk  Rain, Rain Go Away…
 Second Place  Lucy Fedorov  Reflection on the Pond
 Third Place  Simon Robinson  The Sunrise
 Honorable Mention  Skyler Lewis  God’s Reflection on Me
 Honorable Mention  Olivia Crowhurst  Ripples
 Honorable Mention  Paige-Marie Stewart  Spoons
 Honorable Mention  Jesse  Reflection Can Be Clearer

Photo Contest Gr.9-12 =============================================

 Prize  Name  Winning Photo
 First Place  Jenna Stewart  Invisible Photographer
 Second Place  Isaiah Charanduk  Snowy Reflection
 Third Place  Shekinah  Your Perspective
 Honorable Mention  Elliot Chen  Reflection on Ice
 Honorable Mention  Aven Duncan  A Reflection of My Love

We encourage you to take a few minutes and view all of the submitted photos in the Contest Photo Gallery. There are many great ones there and it was tough to choose winners!  Thanks again to everyone who participated. A very special thanks to Lara Merz for her help in judging!