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ERAC, the Educational Resource Acquisition Consortium, is, “A consortium of BC public school districts and independent schools that work together cooperatively. The goal is to ensure that BC K-12 schools have access to appropriate learning resources at the best possible price. ERAC also provides the training and support required to maximize the benefits of the membership.”

ERAC provides professional learning support for the BC Digital Classroom as well as other evaluated and licensed products. These resources are available to schools in British Columbia; therefore, HCOS has access to them.  Through ERAC, we also have access to the K-12 Resource Collection, a huge list of books which has been evaluated by teachers and the Ministry for BC students’ use.

Here is a 2-1/2-minute explanation of the BC Digital Classroom Resources:

In this site, scroll down the page to find the “Making Connections with the Revised Curriculum” heading and a bar like this:

You can choose the Subject from this list and the grade from the sliding bar:

To access the Curriculum Connections in the BC Digital Classroom information: You can use the menu across the top, or if your device is smaller, you will click on the “hamburger” icon to find the same menu, as shown below.  Access to these resources does not require a login.

Go to BC ERAC K-12 Resource Collection.  No login is required.

You can search this site by keyword or by choosing the filters underneath the search box, as shown below:

This page will give you a very brief description of the books that teachers have assessed for Ministry use.  Teachers can log in to access more detailed information.  E.g. “Speaking Our Truth:  a Journey of Reconciliation” shows this assessment:

See the individual subscriptions on the Subscriptions Curriculum Correlations page.

Go to “Resources for Integrating Aboriginal Ways of Knowing and Learning” for integrated units on Air, Earth, Fire and Water.  There are amazing helps at the AbEd Curriculum Connection link.

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