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Do I Need to Purchase Curriculum?

Did you know that our Learning Commons has so much to offer, that you may not need to purchase any curriculum?

Before you spend, be sure to familiarize yourself with all that is available to you right here from this website.

  • Our Resources Index will help you find what’s available

LC Resources
  • Use Subscriptions to teach and supplement learning

  • Access our Unit Study Kits for Science and Social Studies

Unit Study Kits

Print Curriculum Options

The Learning Commons has a ton of resources but there may be times when you need

  • a consumable resource your student can write in
  • to keep a resource for longer than our lending limit allows
  • a curriculum not available through the Learning Commons

The resources available from the links below may need to be purchased from one of our vendors, see the list here.

Kindergarten – Grade 3
Grade 4 – Grade 6
Grade 7 – Grade 9
View HCOS Curriculum Picks for Grades and Core Subjects