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SAS® Curriculum Pathways provides web-based American curriculum resources in all core disciplines, accessible via single sign-on through a variety of learning management systems. Increase student achievement and enhance teacher effectiveness with their proven tools, resources and apps – free of charge for K-12 and beyond.

This resource includes simulations, multimedia resources, innovative tools, guided online research to answer focus questions, thousands of web resources, and learning activities. It also includes virtual labs, interactive math tools, lesson guides, suggested activities, projects, interactive practice, quizzes, and response worksheets. Students have the option of submitting their quizzes and responses to their support teacher by email or by a printed or paper version.

Quick Tour of the site:  Quick Tour of Curriculum Pathways

Log in at SAS® Curriculum Pathways

Choose “Browse Resources” on the top left which will open a screen showing the resources, grades, types, device compatibility and categories you have chosen.  Note the sort available near the top right-hand side under the search bar.  These resources are all free to you.

NEW: Student Portfolio

Students with individual accounts can save and reload work for many of our new and popular resources, such as the Writing Navigator series and Reading Records. Student work is saved in their individual portfolio where they can view, reload, and share their work. The list of resources supporting the portfolio is steadily growing. Students with individual accounts can also benefit from easier navigation, using convenience features such as recently used resources and favorites.

Many resources record student work online.

Student work is retained only as long as the browser save

is open.

  • Before closing the browser, students must save, print, or email (if an available option) their work.
  • Student work from a previous browser session is not available.

Some resources allow students to save work. These include:

  • Writing Navigator Series
  • SAS Reading Records
  • SAS Flash Cards

Students (and teachers) with individual accounts can save and reload work by following the specific instructions for these resources.

Teachers—with parental permission—can provide students with a quick link or sign-up code to help create an account. When students use this link, their accounts are automatically affiliated with the school. With the exception of Reading Records, student accounts are not affiliated with individual teachers.

To get the quick code for a school, first go to Settings > Students. Then follow the directions to accept the Educator Terms of Use. The student quick link and sign-up code will then be displayed.

SAS Curriculum Pathways is an American site and there are no Canadian curriculum correlations.

The frequently asked questions may be found here.

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