EVERFI offers resources to schools, covering topics such as digital citizenship, STEM, financial literacy, and career readiness.

These programs are valued at over $1,000 per school and they are available to HCOS students at no cost – thanks to a partnership with the Vancouver Canucks! These are very popular. The activities are not too long, and you can decide which of the available activities is best for your students. They are ERAC-approved (Educational Resource Acquisition Consortium).

Here are two brief videos to whet your appetite:

Ignition – Digital Literacy & Responsibility

Hockey Scholar Demo

For information, go to EVERFI for K-12 or log in at EVERFI login.

The courses available to you through EVERFI are:

EVERFI tech people have created accounts which our students can access without having to set up a parent or teacher account.  Please email Beth Johnson for the list of codes for those accounts.  (These are all free to you.)

It’s really easy for students to get started- just follow these steps:

1. Go to this url: EVERFI Registration

2. Enter the class code of the desired course and click next. If students want access to multiple courses, just choose one for now, they can have access to all after the account is created

3. Create account by entering info in text boxes.  Students do not have to enter their email and can use a “fake” name.  Username must be unique and terms of service must be accepted before clicking Next

4. To register for additional courses, enter the course code in the text box in the upper right hand corner of student dashboard

We can allow a parent or a teacher, either one, to set up their own students in the EVERFI site, with access to all the courses above.  Please email Beth Johnson for information about how to do that.  To access EVERI’s help and support centre, go to EVERI Help Centre.

This 3-minute video is a great place to start: EVERFI Teacher Guide

The site does not require any identifying information for students to register.  Student progress is saved.

Tips for Successful Implementation

  • Students will need headphones to use the course
  • The course is compatible with all devices. We recommend using Chrome as a browser if possible
  • Get creative with grading: offer test/quiz grades, extra credit
  • They suggest you provide time once a week (e.g. EVERFI Fridays)
  • Set clear module completion goals, dates, and timelines
  • Use leading up to or following breaks, or following a test – relax a bit and learn!
  • Encourage logging on during free time!

Shareable guide:

New Teacher Quick Start Guide EVERFI – HCOS

Features of Teacher Dashboard

  • Reports: see how your students are doing on their pre and post assessments
  • Students: register new students, reset passwords
  • Classes: add new classes, or edit existing ones
  • Resources: access lesson plans, curriculum guide, discussion questions, answer keys, etc
  • Add a Curriculum: We have other online courses available at no cost
  • View Curriculum: explore the course as your students will see it

You can see samples of the resources available for the courses listed below.  There are similar resources for each of the EverFi courses.

Features of the Vault Financial Literacy Course

Vault – Understanding Money_ A Digital Financial Education Resource for Grades 4-6

Vault Curriculum Guide – BC.pdf   Brief overview

Vault Curriculum Guide NL.pdf   Description of the various modules

Vault-One-Pager-2017.pdf  Brief description

Features of the Endeavour STEM Career Exploration Course

Description of ENDEAVOUR program Sept 2017.docx

Endeavor.CourseOutline Sept 2017.pdf


Features of the Marketplaces Investment Basics Course

Marketplaces – Lesson Plans

Marketplaces – Curriculum Guide

Marketplaces – Course Outline

Features of the Honour Code Course

Honour Code – Course Outline

Honour Code – Curriculum Guide

Honour Code – Capstone Project Student Guide

Features of the Say Something Course

Description of the “Say Something” EverFi course

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