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We have partnered with a ministry called RightNow Media to provide video resources for our school. We are now very happy to announce that, as part of our school family, you are invited to access RightNow Media and receive a free account to their exciting new online video library.  This extensive media resource is made available for your unlimited personal use, again, at absolutely no cost to you. Please log in to your parent account in Encom, the school computer system, choose “Curriculum Resources”, and scroll down to find the RightNow Media invitation to set up your account.

RightNow Media is essentially the “Netflix of Video Bible Studies”. Through this site you have instant access to thousands of outstanding videos covering a range of topics to challenge and encourage you.

  • Bible Study Library with video content on books of the Bible, the character of God, Biblical finance, and much, much more. You’ll also find Leadership training from leaders like Tim Keller, John Piper, Matt Chandler, J.D. Greear, Eric Mason, Dave Ramsey, Andy Stanley and many, many more.
  • Just for Kids provides great video entertainment, with over 2000 videos, such as What’s in the BibleVeggieTalesBozTheo.

RightNow media - Kids

  • Customizable Training Library with a wealth of short training videos on a variety of topics.
  • Leadership Events Library with videos from major conferences, such as D6, Verge and Passion, also including RightNow’s own video conferences, not available anywhere else.

You can access and view these videos from your smart phone, tablet or computer…watch them on your TV…or project them for group viewing.

Sign up for your own account with RightNow Media by going to your parent home page in Encom and following the invitation link for RightNow Media, which can be found there OR go to the subscriptions link in the Search Portal and you will find the invitation link there, as well.

You will need to be connected to wi-fi to view these videos, as they will be streaming.  You cannot download them unless there is a “download” link shown.

 Just for Kids 

Here is more information on the “Just for Kids” resources available on RightNow Media:

RightNow Media Children’s Library from First Family Church on Vimeo.

General Information

  • If there is a RightNow Media icon beside the name of the production, it has been developed ‘in house’.
  • Below the screen will be an icon for “Connect to TV or projector’.  This gives a video explanation or tutorial to show how to display on TV or projector.
  • “Download” or “View” indicates a free download.  There may also be the offer of purchase-able material with a “Buy Now” link.
  • When in the children’s site, at the top right is a link to “Exit Kids Area”.  i.e. kids can’t get out of the kids’ section without using that link.  iPhones, etc. have a lock which only allows kids to stay in the kids’ site.
  • There are options for free download of colouring pages, flash cards.
    • E.g. “Henry the Hand Puppet” has a free teaching pack with a 40-page download and the option to purchase a DVD.
    • E.g. “Torchlighters” offers a free leaders’ guide and handouts.
    • E.g. “What’s in the Bible” has a “view” button showing free helps available.

Exciting New App Updates

The RightNow Media app gives you instant access to thousands of Bible study videos and kids’ episodes. Access Biblical video content anywhere, anytime for you and your family! Get the free app with your membership to RightNow Media.  There are now many new features with their app.

Link to App Store or Google Play Store

Audio Mode

Now you can experience RightNow Media through the ‘Audio Only’ setting.  Tap the switch at the top right corner of a video to listen to content at the gym, on your commute, or wherever life takes you.


Experience multiple apps with picture-in-picture on your iPad.  Videos will continue playing when you return to the home screen, so you can take notes, journal, or follow along with a Leader’s guide as you watch.  (available for Android soon)

Bruce Hildebrandt’s Introduction to Christianity course for Grades 7-9:

Intro to Bible program 7-9  (Word document for downloading)

Intro to Bible program 7-9  (.pdf document which may be viewed or downloaded)

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